Faskally Families Week 2021 – A Quantum of Solace – Revelation chapters 1 to 3 – J Stewart Gillespie

Evening 1 – Jesus the Son of God – Revelation chapter 1

Audio: Revelation chp 1 – Jesus The Son of God – A Quantum of Solace – JSG – 09102021

Evening 2 – Jesus Our Divine High Priest – Revelation chp 1

Audio only from this evening:

Audio: Revelation Chp 1 Vs 9 To 19 – Jesus Our Divine High Priest – JSG – 10102021

Evening 3 – Ephesus – It was Really Boring without Him

Audio: Ephesus – It was Really Boring Without Him – JSG – 11102021

Evening 4- Smyrna – Confidence in Catastrophe – JS Gillespie

Audio: Smyrna Confidence in Catastrophe – JS Gillespie (12 the October 2021)

Evening 5 – Pergamos – Doctrine Diet and Desires; Defeating the Spirit of Compromise

Audio: Pergamos – Doctrine Diet and Desires Defeating the Spirit of Compromise – JS Gillespie

Ayr Conference 2015 – The Saviour Who Entered in to Gods Heaven – Ian Grant

Just added to the site, Ian Grants message from this years annual Christian Conference held in Riverside Evangelical Church Ayr;


The Saviour Who Entered Gods Heaven – Hebrews Chapter 9


Outline notes from this message:


Hebrews was written to Jewish believers

Written to people who suffered for their faith 10:32ff

These were believers in danger of going back to Judaism

The letter written to

1 Strengthen their faith in Christ 10:33, chp 11

2 To show that what they have in Christ is vastly superior to what they had before


What we have in Christ is vastly superior to what we had before

Hebrew speaks about the better things

Better hope. Covenant, substance, country, blood, hope

Epistle of better things

Not written about us but written for us

Fundamental truths of ; Faith, Death of Christ, Divine chastening are all spoken of in this letter

No major church truth in Hebrews

Hebrews outline :

Chp 1 to 10 – the supremacy of Christ

Supremacy of Christ in Person

Writer compares  Christ with

Chp 1 and 2 over angels

Chp 3 – Moses

Chp 4 – Joshua

Chp 5 – Aaron


Chp 7 supremacy of Christ in his priesthood

Chp 8 Supremacy of Christ in his provision

Chp 10 supremacy of Christ in his passion


Chp 10 + 11 – stewardship

Chp 12 + 13 – standards of Christian living


Chapter 9

Worship is connected to service

Worship is the secret of service

Service is the expression of worship

List of the furniture in the tabernacle

No mention of the altar of incense

Lampstand is mentioned

Altar of incense is not mentioned

Table is mentioned

No mention of altar of incense

In this new relationship, the worship of God has been taken into the sanctuary

We are within the vail

No need for the altar of incense

Limitations of the old sanctuary :

Verse 7: limitations of access, one man once per year

We have unrestricted access to the presence of God

Not about familiarity

Limitations for the priest – verse 7

The priest had to offer something for himself and then for the people

Priest offered for himself and then the people

Limitation in the atonement (verse 13)

Limitation as to the duration of what was done – for the time present

Liberty of access – verse 12

Christ has entered once for all, Christ lives in the Holy place, the High Priest of old visited the Holy Place

Christ has gone to Heaven to stay in the Holy Place

Verses 13 – His blood is different

Blessings of Duration – eternal redemption

Note that there are 3 appearings in Hebrews chapter 9:

1st Appearing

Lev 16 verse 14

Heb 9 Verse 24


2nd Appearing:

Lev 16 verses 5 to 8

Hebrews 9 vs 26


3rd Appearing :

Heb 9:28

Lev 16 waiting for the High Priest to come out of the Sanctuary