When I Came to You

As a job application it was destined to leave the apostle Paul well off of the interview short-list, yet chapter 2 opens with a self appraisal which leaves the reader in no doubt as to Pauls short comings. He wasn’t big on wisdom, speaking wasn’t his strong point, he lacked self confidence and felt his weakness. Despite all of this the mission at Corinth had been a rip roaring success! It always had been the case that when God chose a man suitable for His service He had rejected anyone too proud to acquiesce to His omnipotence. God always sought a servant willing to become a channel clean enough, through which blessing might flow to others; and that blessing was GREAT!

Just added to our section on 1 Corinthians:

1 Corinthians chapter 2 vs 1 to 9 – When I Came to You – JS Gillespie – 01042014.mp3

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