How to Live the Christian Life without becoming a Complete Failure – Burnbank Conference 2020 – J Stewart Gillespie

How to Live the Christian Life without Becoming a Complete Failure – Philippians chp 1 vs 21 – JS Gillespie

Philippians chp 1 – How a bit a Little Encouragement – JS Gillespie – 04102020

Preaching Praying Praising

Just added, a new message from J Stewart Gillespie from Acts chapter 16:


Acts chp 16 – Preaching Praying and Praising – J Stewart Gillespie

A Sharp Blow to the Chest

It takes at times a powerful prod to wake us up; first for most of us to the reality of the danger we face and then to the possibilities open to an all powerful God. So accustomed have we become to a culture of distraction; that reality has been air brushed out of our thinking by the photoshop of amusement, social networking, film and sport. The reality of death and beyond is put to the back of our mind to focus on the important pursuits of a fleeting culture of entertainment. Then when reality is faced do we shrink away from it with thoughts of despair, nihilism and fatalism? It takes at times a supernatural and sharp blow to the chest to waken us up to our danger and to the potential of deliverance from it in Jesus Christ.

Taken from a new message preached by Dr J Stewart Gillespie, from Acts chapter 12:

A Sharp Blow to the Chest – Acts Chapter 12 – J Stewart Gillespie