Join us on Sundays for Church without walls 11 am and 6 pm. Our plans during the COVID 19 pandemic.

2 days ago
The Ark Church Belfast

An encouraging experience in the midst of the corona epidemic.

3 days ago
A Sense of Chaos, A Glimpse of Christ - Psalm 2

A Sense of Chaos, A Glimpse of Christ - Psalm 2

1 week ago
Keeping, Feeding and Showing Psalm 1

Fruit in Season - God's Season

1 week ago
Keeping, Feeding, Showing : Psalm 1

Fruit in Season, God's Season!

1 week ago – Preaching God's Grace, in God's Son, from God's Word, by God's Spirit

All services cancelled at the gospel hall for the foreseeable future, but join us online at

1 week ago
Deeper than Church, the secret of happiness

Join us for church without walls Sundays at 11 am and 6 pm

Baptism: Marian McBryde

Baptism of Marian McBryde and a recording of the message preached on that occasion from Acts chapter 8 by J Stewart Gillespie:


Baptism – Marian McBryde – Acts chp 8 – J Stewart Gillespie – 21082016