A Great Invitation to A Great Salvation

In tonights message Mr David Dunn from Castle Douglas hears again the great invitation of God to all men and women to come and enjoy what He has provided in Jesus Christ. David gives us 4 perspectives on the greatness of this salvation of God:

1 – This Salvation saves you from Hell
2 – This Salvation saves you for eternal Glory
3 – This Salvation comes at Great cost
4 – This Salvation is Great because of the Saviour who provides it

Luke Chp 14 – Great invitation to a Great Salvation – David Dunn – 23032014.mp3

Ayr Conference January 2012

downloadable mp3 recordings of the messages preached at Woodpark Christian Conference Ayr, held in Riverside Evangelical Church, in January 2012

Hymn – Praise the Lord who Died to Save us

Ian Affleck – To Know the Peace of God – John chp 14 – 02012012

Acts Chp 4 – To See The Greatness of God – Jim McLatchie – 02012012

Luke Chp 14 – Paul Young – To Become Like the Son of God – 02012012