Baptism of Peter and Tom Gray

Like many great conversions of the bible, the conversion of the Ethiopian Eunuch of Acts chapter 8 gets off to a shaky start. Despite searching for God in the right place; in the Spirit given prophecies of the Old Testament, he struggles to understand the big, bold vision of Isaiah of a God given human sacrifice for a lost world (Isaiah chapter 53). How can he understand such a revolutionary concept unless someone should come along side and teach him (Acts 8:31)? God has promised for all who feel discouraged by the daunting task of finding God in such a mixed up world of many religions, that if we seek Him with our whole heart we shall find Him. Philip draws alongside and shows him that the God he is looking for is the Person of Jesus Christ! God is no mere feeling, nor an impersonal force and certainly no religiously minded fable. God is a real person, revealed and encountered in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ makes God knowable. Jesus Christ makes God serious. Jesus Christ gives God opinions. He is not the God who merely rubber stamps my faults and failures to receive me into heaven with a blind eye to my sin. In Jesus Christ God was spat on, whipped, beaten and tortured for sin. In Jesus Christ God takes sin and salvation seriously and personally. Without Him there is no salvation, with Him I am faced with the seriousness of my sin and my guilt before an angry God, a guilt of such depth and severity that it demanded the crucifixion of His Son, but with Jesus Christ I have on offer Gods free salvation by grace through faith.

The Ethiopian grabbed his opportunity, rested in Gods salvation, received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour and plunged into the waters of baptism, leaving the old life behind and going on in the strength and the joy of the Lord.

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