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At a time in Western Christianity when it would appear that many are failing to appreciate the God given responsibility to both receive the truth from a previous generation and the responibility to preserve it and then pass it on to the next generation, Robert Revie brings a timely encouragement to remain faithful and consistent in the basics of the Christian faith and to see our God given place as part of a corporate body of Christ with both the privileges and the responsibilities it brings. It is time to ‘man up’ and to step up to the mark and take our place among Gods people. Capitalism, humanism and materialism have taught a generation to become self centred consumers, picking buffet style from the menu of choice. Responsibility is a conveniently forgotten concept. We go where it suits us and we drop what doesn’t. Such attitudes, as 2 Timothy chapter 2 reveals did not build Christs Church and such attitudes are not consistent in sustaining it. God will hold us accountable for faithfulness and for failure. Despite Paul having much to discourage him, in the inconsistencies of others, noted and named in the Word of God, yet he sees encouragement from the faithfulness of Timothy, to whom he passes on the baton of the faith, in this most poignant of Pauls ‘last lecture.’

2 Timothy chp 2 – The Last Lecture – Robert Revie 18032014.mp3

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