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I believe in the resurrection

I believe in the resurrection because I have sat with the dieing. It is easy for men at the zenith of life and in completeness of health to see no need for hope, their joy lies in today and tomorrow is assumed. It is another to live in the weakness of today with no hope for tomorrow. I have never met a man who wishes to die without hope. A man’s life surpasses his biochemistry. The death bed is more than a dispassionate scattering of atoms. The human frame cries for hope and looks for more.

I believe in the resurrection because I know how much men value their life. I have met the strong and the great, the good and the bad, all anxious on the other side of the consulting table to hold on to that life, concerned that this symptom may be the cancer that kills them, yet in the history of Christianity the witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus Christ became the 12 apostles, and 11 of those 12 were prepared to surrender their lives for that message of resurrection, the accuracy of which was only as great as the facts they had witnessed. Men will rarely die for what they know to be false.

I believe in the resurrection because God told us it was coming. The report of the resurrected Christ surprised His unbelieving disciples but not the careful Bible student. One thousand years before His resurrection Isaiah would speak in detail of His death for Sinners (Isaiah 53), Daniel of His death at Jerusalem, Zechariah the piercing of the hands of God, and David would present His crucifixion (Psalm 22, 69) and His resurrection (Psalm 16).

I believe in the resurrection because I believe in history. I am not prejudiced to selectively reject eyewitness records and documented accounts of historical events simply because I find them difficult to understand. The resurrection of Jesus Christ comes with multiple biblical and extra biblical testimonies, many of which have now been conveniently collated into the New Testament.

I believe in the resurrection because Jesus Christ still changes lives today, the lives of the broken and the hopeless, the helpless and the sinner. The greatest changes in the lives of men and women I have ever witnessed, they have attributed to faith in Jesus Christ who spoke to them, saved them and changed them.

I believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Happy Easter