Gospel 2021

Audio: Living a Death Dieing a Life

Audio: The Just Shall Live by Faith – Craig Mackie – 12092021
Audio: John the Baptist – Important in his Unimportance – Luke chp 3 – JS Gillespie – 05092021

Audio: Must Must Must – Tom Gray – 29082021
Audio: I am Now Ready – Robert Gray – 22082021
Audio: Anticipating the Unexpected – JS Gillespie
Audio: The Gospel Unashamed and Unavoidable – Craig Mackie – 08082021
Audio: Overcoming the Fear of Death – JS Gillespie – 08082021
Audio: Get Real With God – JS Gillespie
Audio: Desperate for a Second Chance – JS Gillespie
Audio: Wise Words and Wicked Men – JS Gillespie
Audio: Love Disappointed – JS Gillespie
Audio: 3 Ordinary Men and 1 Unique Jesus – Dr J Stewart Gillespie
Audio: The Heart of the Matter – JS Gillespie
Audio: Facing up to Jesus in the Storms of Life – JS Gillespie
Audio: Are you Sure you Really Know who Jesus is_ J Stewart Gillespie
Audio: Expect More Go Further Aim Higher – JS Gillespie
Audio: A Touch of Faith A Cry of Despair – JS Gillespie
Audio: Facing up to the Year Ahead
Audio: When Great Men Despair
Audio: Tell Me Theres a Heaven – JSG
Audio: Well if You Thought that you Had a Bad Day – JS Gillespie
Audio: When Blessing is Measured in Clouds – JS Gillespie
Audio: Discouragement – Dont Let it Define You – 25042021
Audio: No Struggle is Wasted with God
Audio: Life in the 5th Dimension – JS Gillespie
Audio: When a Journey becomes a Spiritual Journey – JSG – 15052021
Audio: The God who Does not Hear Everyone – JS Gillespie – 23052021
Audio: The Path Less Travelled – JS Gillespie – 30052021
Audio: When God Does Strange Things – JSG – 05062021
Audio: When we Feel Like God has Abandoned Us – JS Gillespie
Audio: The Secret at the Centre of all Our Sorrows – Broken Lives in a Broken World – JSG – 19062021
Audio: When the Penny Drops – God Down to Earth and Over to You – JSG
Audio: Whats so Great about Jesus
Audio: Finding the Right Church
Audio: John the Glory of a Life Transformed
Audio: Good News for Lost Souls – Robert Gray – 25072021
Audio: Seeing through the Mist of Life – JS Gillespie – 31072021
Audio: Ancient Prophecies and Ordinary People – Luke chp 1 vs 1 to 4 – JS Gillespie 01082021