My Story – Billy McClounie

Just added; Billy McClounie from New Cumnock tells his own story of how through bereavement and the bitter disappointments of life, God brought him on a journey which led him to to saving faith in Jesus Christ


My Story – Billy McClounie

Your Final Destination – Paul Jenkinson

Just added to our Gospel section; a new message preached by Mr Paul Jenkinson (Galston) from Matthew chapter 7:


Your Final Destination – Matthew chp 7 vs 13 to 14 – Paul Jenkinson – 07122014



Luke chapter 1 verses 1 to 25 – When Doubts Set in

Just added a new message preached by  Dr J Stewart Gillespie from the Gospel according to Luke:


Luke chp 1 vs 1 to 25 – When Doubts Set in – JS Gillespie – 02112014

Preaching Praying Praising

Just added, a new message from J Stewart Gillespie from Acts chapter 16:


Acts chp 16 – Preaching Praying and Praising – J Stewart Gillespie