The Door and the Shepherd

Just added, a new message preached by Mr Bill Stevely from John chapter 10:


John chp 10 – I am the Door I am the Good Shepherd – Bill Stevely – 03022015


Notes for this message:

John chp 10:1 – 30

I am the Door
I am the Good Shepherd
Chapter 10 follows on from chapter 9 in which Christ restores the sight of a man born blind.
The man born blind in chapter 9 hasn’t seen Christ at the moment of the miracle, he was then thrown out of the synagogue, Christ goes and finds him, Christ is the Good Shepherd.


I am the Door
I am the Good Shepherd


I am the Door :

The Pharisees had claimed to control the way into Gods presence, they had cast out the man from the synagogue in chapter 9.

The Shepherd seeks and finds the lost sheep, cf. Isaiah 53, all we like sheep have gone astray.

He is ‘the’ door, Christ is special, He is the way, the only way into Gods presence.
In the sheepfold :

1 – Security – in for  security
2 – Provision – in and out for feeding cf psalm 23

He is the only possible way into Gods presence

The thief comes some other way (verse 1)

The thief comes to destroy and steal, the pharisees were more interested in getting followers for themselves rather than pointing to Christ.


I am the Shepherd :

He knows His sheep by name :

Christ knows their name, He knows our character
He calls His sheep by name
The Shepherd doesn’t drive the sheep
They have heard his voice
As we read the scriptures, we hear His voice


Psalm 23 is the background to John chp 10
Psalm 23 ‘Jehovah is my Shepherd’
In John chp 10 it is Christ who is the Shepherd, therefore Christ is Jehovah


The Lord lays down his life for his sheep for the Lord sees that his sheep are in danger
His life is given for us
We are in deadly danger
We are in danger of death and eternal judgment
What ought to have fallen on me, has fallen on Him
Christ is our substitute
He is the Good Shepherd who gave His life for the sheep
Verse 26: ‘you are not of my sheep’
We are not all right and ready for heaven.
Only His sheep are ready for heaven.
Are we one of His sheep?

See the security of our salvation in John chp 10 vs 28 to 29

When Christ died for my sins He died for them all
He died for sins past, present and future
We are in Christs hand and in His Father’s hand
Once I am saved I am saved forever

Verse 18 – the Jews intended to kill Christ
“I lay down my life ”
Cf. John 11 ‘tell me where you have laid him’

Used in John 13:4 ‘He laid aside His garment’

John 10:18 – the one who died rose again