When the World isnt Such a Beautiful Place – Simon Leitch


Just added, a new message preached by Mr Simon Leitch from Acts chapters 3 and 4:


When the World isnt Such a Beautiful Place – Simon Leitch – 22012017


Preaching Praying Praising

Just added, a new message from J Stewart Gillespie from Acts chapter 16:


Acts chp 16 – Preaching Praying and Praising – J Stewart Gillespie

A Sharp Blow to the Chest

It takes at times a powerful prod to wake us up; first for most of us to the reality of the danger we face and then to the possibilities open to an all powerful God. So accustomed have we become to a culture of distraction; that reality has been air brushed out of our thinking by the photoshop of amusement, social networking, film and sport. The reality of death and beyond is put to the back of our mind to focus on the important pursuits of a fleeting culture of entertainment. Then when reality is faced do we shrink away from it with thoughts of despair, nihilism and fatalism? It takes at times a supernatural and sharp blow to the chest to waken us up to our danger and to the potential of deliverance from it in Jesus Christ.

Taken from a new message preached by Dr J Stewart Gillespie, from Acts chapter 12:

A Sharp Blow to the Chest – Acts Chapter 12 – J Stewart Gillespie

A Bomb in a Basket

Sometimes we might be tempted to look at the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and at those who preach the Son of God, crucified, buried, rejected and resurrected, and to scratch our head and wonder; ‘Is that it?’

God was about to change the world forever, through the service of a converted persecutor of the church;Saul of Tarsus. In Acts chapter 9 Pauls ministry gets off to an ignoble start as he is bundled into a basket and lowered down a city wall at night! Is this the man that will turn the western world upside down? Where is the power in that? The ‘dynamite’ of God lay not in who Paul was but in what he had found in Jesus Christ! This was a Bomb in a Basket. Taken from :

The Bomb in the Basket

Gods Last Call – Acts Chapter 9 – Just Added

The Damascus Road conversion of Saul of Tarsus represented a great beginning for both the Apostle Paul, as well as for the spread of the Gospel to the western world. Gods call to Saul not only signalled the beginning of great things to come but it also sealed the end of God calling so clearly from heaven and constantly troubling Sauls conscience. Illumination for Saul in his state of spiritual darkness would come at a painful cost. God would bring him from darkness to light by illuminating him with a darkness yet darker still, a blindness so impenetrably black that God alone could reach through the bleakness of his hungry despair. This was the final opportunity to respond to the God who called from heaven.

Just added a new message preached from Acts chapter 9:

Acts chapter 9 – Gods Last Call – J Stewart Gillespie – 06042014.mp3

Gospel 2011

mp3 recordings from our Sunday evening Gospel Services in the Bridgend Gospel Hall, New Cumnock in 2011


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Genesis chapter 11 – Campbell Howie (Irvine) – Twin Towers – 18092011


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Forgiven – 1 John chapter 2 vs 12 – Craig Mackie (New Cumnock)- 04122011