An Eternal Moment – Ian Wallace

Just added; a new message preached by Mr Ian Wallace:

An Eternal Moment – Ian Wallace



Outline Notes from this message:

An eternal moment:

Jacob wrestles with the Angel, it is just Jacob and God
Here is an eternal moment in the life of a carnal man
Jacob now has power with God and man

Consider Moses, the people had turned to a golden calf
There’s a man who is different
“If your presence go not with us, let us go no further”
We must have His presence

Not just content with the presence of God
Moses believed in Grace upon Grace
We need the presence of God
Psalm 46:1
God is a very present helps help in time of need
Moses prays; show me your Glory

Mark 1 – the Glory of God revealed in Christ and in time

‘come and see’ – caught up with Christ
Andrew fished for men with a fishing rod
Simon Peter fishes for men with a fishing net

Simon Peter – you will be called Cephas
Christ knew where he was and Christ knew where he would be
Christ knew where he was and where he would be
Peter up the mount of transfiguration
Peter offered to build 3 tabernacles :

1. Christ
2. Moses
3. Elijah

Elijah was a mighty man of prayer and faith
Elijah brought food by the raven, an unclean bird
Then the Brook dries up, what happens when we feel the blessings of God have been withdrawn from us?

Elijah to the widow of Zarephath, ‘give me first’, a step of faith
Elijah on mount Carmel, brought fine fire down from heaven
Elijah confronted the monarch and his idolatry
Elijah calls on God from Carmel
Elijah calls on God and the fire falls

On the mount of transfiguration Peter has a divine encounter as God breaks through
A moment of Divine encounter
The mountain is enveloped with the Shekinah Glory
The light of the eternal God
That light of God veiled the mountain

Christ is not one amongst equals

Get into the presence of God
Tell Him our heart
Pass over the burden to Christ and then listen for His voice

The first passover was in Egypt
Was their appreciation of the passover as precious 12 months down the line as it was on the first passover?
Then remembered the passover in Joshua 5
When they kept the passover in Joshua 5, the manna ceased
The Lord wants to take us forward but we must appreciate the lamb
Christian experience is not only to get us to heaven
It is to bring heaven to us
To form Christian character in us

It was an eternal moment when Christ died on Calvary
Christ in agony in the garden, anticipating being made sin for us, sweat as it were great drops of blood
Calvary was an eternal moment
Hebrews 9:14 ‘who through the eternal spirit’
The divine moment
Walk before me and be thou perfect – to Abraham

John 2:11 – The Lord chose a wedding scene to reveal His Glory
Christ desires to enter into the joy of family life
Ask him to show you His Glory